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Museums in the area.

Here are some different museums of interest in the area.

Silkeborgs most famous artist is Asger Jorn. You can see many of his works in the museum in Silkeborg.

Silkeborg bad is surroundet by beautiful nature. where it's possible to see art inside as well as outisde. Lots of diffrent exibids every year.

Silkeborg was the germans headquarter during 2. World Was. Therefore there are a number of bunkers, of witch one is open for the public. The bunker is right next to Silkeborg Bad.

Silkeborg Museum houses a world famous man, the Tollundmanden. So interested in prehistory, it's a great place to go.

Moesgård museum is great for kids. It's about vikings, evolutions and arkitecture.

Jysk automobilmuseum is in Gjern close to LatterLy. If you're interested in old vehicles it's worth the visit.

Aros in Århus is a new museum, worthwile to see.

Den Gamle By in Århus is fun for kids.

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