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Music and theater.

Here's a number of live music places, musicfestivals and Theaters.

Jysk musik og Teater is right in the center of Silkeborg.

Riverboat is a Jazz festival, in Silkeborg, with jazzmusicians from all over the world. The hole town and the lakes are filled with all kinds of jazz.

Rampelyset in english is Spotlight. Here you can enjoy all kinds og live music, and it's possible to eat right downstairs.

Around every 3th year there's a fireworks festival in Silkeborg. The town is filled with music, fairs and fireworks for a week. Next time is in August 2017.

Silkeborg Country Festival fills Silkeborg every year with Cowboys and -girls with hats an guns. There's linedance and music througout the town.

The Musichouse in Aarhus is filled with music, koncerts, ballets, theater and much more.

In Boxen in Herning you can go see sportsevents and koncerts. BC of the new highway is does not take that long to get there.

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