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Museums in the area.

Here is a selection of museums in the area, within different areas and interests.

Silkeborg has honored Asger Jorn by building a museum with many of Jorn's works, it is worth a visit for those interested in art.

Silkeborg was the headquarters of the Germans during World War II and therefore there are several bunkers around Silkeborg. One of them has now been converted into a museum and is located right next to Silkeborg bath in a scenic area

Silkeborg Museum houses a world star, the Tollundman, and you can also see several exhibitions at the museum.

Moesgård museum is a museum near Aarhus that is both about Vikings, evolution and architecture.

Silkeborg bath is located in a scenic area for hiking, e.g. in the sculpture park, exhibitions or a visit to the Silkeborg Bunker Museum, which is located right next to Silkeborg Bad.

The Jysk automobile museum is located in Gjern, not far from LatterLy. A man interested in old cars, it is worth a visit.

Aros in Aarhus is worth a visit if you are interested in art.

The Old Town in Aarhus is definitely worth a visit.

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