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About us

Years back we talked about what a great place we have, and the conversation fell on how more people could enjoy our place. So we came up with the idea of ​​making holiday apartments. A name had to be found, and one evening, over a glass of wine, we chose LatterLy. "Latter" in danish means laughter, and "Ly" means a place for shelter. In other words it is a place for laughter. When we told others about the name they laughed, and that is exactly what we want others to - to laugh and have fun! : D

Any ways, the name was found and then we just had to get started .... and we have been working ever since. There are new ideas all the time, which goes in line with the surroundings and facilities of the apartments. We are becoming more and more creative together.

Privately we are a small family of five with mother, father and three fantastic daughters. Besides that we have got two ponies, a dog, a lots of sparrows and other birds.

LatterLy is 11 km from Silkeborg square. It's a lovely peaceful place on the border of Gjern hills. In the back garden there is a ravine with pens for our ponies and a stream which flows into Sminge lake. There is 5 km to Svostrup with the famous Svostrup inn, with Annexgården that each year deliver the best strawberries in Denmark, and on the other side is Svostrup church with its own history. On the trip to Svostrup you pass Troldhøj, which offers views of the river valley and just before you get to Svostrup you cross the Gudenåen. An old disused Rail Trail track you can take a bikeride from Silkeborg in the south and up to Langå. To the north of the path about 3 km you come to a waterpark. With path avoids a lot of hills and it is ideal to use if you have been to a festival in Silkeborg.

The apartments are made in an old T-long (old barn and farmhouse). The place is located in a scenic area with sitting area, fireplace and a lovely garden.

The area has excellent if you are interested in fishing, golf course area, inns and exciting attractions. Suitable for extended family - family reunions - conference - workshop - openings, cutlery and crockery for 40/50 persons.

We are very central to Aarhus, Viborg, Horsens and Randers, all located are approx. a 40-45 min drive from here.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Svend og Lorna C. Sørensen

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